So Stinkin Good!

Throwback to when I thought I was going to write a new post every week. Now, here I am week 7, and I have only done 2 since I’ve actually been here. Oh well, now I just get to do what I do best… talk a lot about how incredible this summer has been.

The past 3 weeks have been so wonderful, working alongside of Eric, Jovon, and Adelia, and fostering other relationships with my Lakota friends. The Lord has provided so many incredible opportunities to love people, and to be loved by people. He is so GOOD!

To start, here’s a brief update on the construction that’s been done. I feel like Anna (from Frozen) going up to Elsa singing, Do you want to build a snowman? Except I’m singing, Do you want to build a fence, or a floor, or paint a wall, or build a deck… I just want to keep working and helping making their home as beautiful as we can! Jovon and Eric’s house is looking real good, and it has been so wonderful being able to add more and more to the project. We were originally going to be simply drywalling and painting. However, we have drywalled, painted, put in vinyl flooring, added baseboards, and have built a beautiful fence. Not only that, but in the next two weeks we have plans to install new windows, and build an 8ftx10ft deck. Seeing the house transform into a stunning home, and seeing the reactions from Eric, Jovon, and Adelia with every new touch, has been so stinkin incredible!

The last few weeks have been incredible with the groups who have come out to Pine Ridge to serve. We’ve had enthusiastic groups with servant hearts, who all have a desire to follow the Lord’s calling and to act as His hands and feet. The highlight has to be week 6, when my home church, parents, and sister, came out to Pine Ridge. Being able to serve alongside the people I’ve grown up with, and who have helped shape my faith, in a community I LOVE, was such a great experience.

WPC’s final day on site!

Introducing my dad and sister to Ruby (mom met her last year), was one of the greatest joys that week. Sitting with my family and Sarah and listening to Arley tell his bible stories brought a huge smile to my face. It is so hard to put into words how grateful I am that the people I love got to see and serve in the place I feel so called.

Kevin was also able to come out to Pine Ridge for a few days. Being able to serve alongside each other, even for just a few days, in the place where both our hearts are, was something for which we are both so grateful.

We were able to join Ruby at the nursing home in Whiteclay and help her love people who are living there.

As far as updates go on things I’ve learned, I could go on and on about so many things, but that would take up a lot of time. So for now I will keep it brief. One of the biggest things I have learned the past few weeks is that Pine Ridge is not only where I desire to be, but where I believe God wants me. He has put so many awesome opportunities in my path to be used to share His love. I have gotten to see a bunch of people from last summer who I spent tons of time with, who are growing so much! He has given me tons of time to spend with Arley, and I can see the incredible work He is doing in that man’s life.

My prayer request for these next few weeks is this: Pray that I remember that the Lord has me in Pittsburgh, at school, for reason–to grow in knowledge, so that ultimately the work He can use me for can be so much greater. Pray that I am able to leave Pine Ridge and that the heartbreak isn’t too much to bear. Pray for my friends here, that although we only have a few weeks together, they know that I and the Lord still love them.

As always, thank you for your support, prayers, and love.


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