Hiya! My name is Bethany, and if you are reading this I’m assuming you have in someway stumbled across my blog. I also assume that in some way you are interested in what I have to say, or what adventures I am taking part in this summer. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Last summer I found myself living on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota (yes, there are actual people who live in South Dakota). I was there serving with Next Step Ministries, and I am so grateful for the opportunity because it was a summer which completely transformed my life. After spending a week on the Rez, I knew I was called to love the people living in Pine Ridge. I decided (actually the big man upstairs decided, but I wasn’t upset about it) to head back this summer.

Going into this summer I have chosen to document my journey–the ups, the downs, and everything in between. It is my hope that those who chose to walk alongside me will get the real deal of all the craziness that takes place in a Next Step summer, and especially one on the Reservation.

So thank you for joining me on this journey. Thank you for taking a little time out of your day to read about how incredible my God is, and the works He is doing in Pine Ridge.

Please keep me, my team, and the community in your prayers. And, well, enjoy reading about my crazy, beautiful summer in Pine Ridge.


Q. What is your role this summer?
A. My role this summer is that of the Emcee (or as I like to call it, the talker person). I will be giving nightly talks to the students to supplement the video series they will be watching during evening programming. This was the role I served in last summer, and I am super excited to revisit it. In addition, I will also be working more closely with planning and coordinating community involvement activities as the Community Involvement Coordinator. 

Q. What does a typical day look like?
A. Absolutely wonderfully crazy. After breakfast the students will do their morning devos and stretches, and then head off to their construction work sites. We are on the sites till about 3 o’clock, and then we head back to home base. We then typically leave for a community involvement activity, and make it home in time for dinner. After dinner the students have a little bit of time before evening programming starts, and then we worship our Lord in community through song, videos, and a talk. Students then have time to reflect on their day with their church groups, and then lights out at 11. Then, we start all over. 

Q. What is your favorite part of serving in Pine Ridge?
A. THE PEOPLE! As I am sure you will read in the weeks to come, the people who live on the Rez are why I am coming back. I love them, and am excited to continue building and growing relationships with the Lakota Sioux.